Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where Is Dominion Onward Homes Located?

Answer: Dominion Onward Homes Is Located at Idiagbon community, Majek, Abijo, Lekki epe express way, Ibeju – Lekki Local Government Area, Lekki, Lagos. About 10 minutes drive from Ajah Bus- stop.

Question: Who are the Developers of Dominion Onward Homes ?

Answer: Earth & Sands Transnational Ltd and Eko Homes Solutions Ltd.

Question: What type of infrastructure will the developer provide :

Answer: Paved road network, Street Light/ Illumination, Good electrification, Drainage System, Security, Estate Perimeter Fence, Security Gate House, Etc.

Question: Would there be a development levy fee?

Answer:  Yes. The Development fee is N2, 000,000 PER UNIT.

Question: Would there be survey fee?

Answer: Yes. N1, 000,000 PER UNIT for your Govt. Registered Survey.

Question: Would there be an Agreement fee and allocation fee?

Answer: Yes. Your Agreement (Registered Deed) fee is N850, 000 PER UNIT and N150, 000 Allocation Fee.

Question: When would my bungalow unit (s) be allocated to me?

Answer: Allocation of unit (s) of bungalows paid is done immediately after 100% full payment of all required fees.

Question: What do I get after completion of payment for bungalow unit (s) and required fees?

Answer: Receipt of payment, Deed of Assignment, Survey and Allocation Letter.

Question: What is the current title on Dominion Onward Homes?

Answer: Dominion Onward Homes is fully covered with GAZETTE.

Question: Can I pay deposit and pay balance anytime within the duration of tenure chosen?

Answer: After the payment of the initial deposit, you are expected to pay the balance monthly as at when due.

                None payment as at when due would be treated as a fundamental breach of contract which results to

                10% Monthly late charges and possibly relocation of your bungalow unit (s).

Question: Are there constructions/ building now in Dominion Onward Homes?

Answer:  Yes.

Question: Can I re-sell my property?

Answer: Yes you can on your own terms. Earth & Sands Transnational Ltd, however can either buy back your Bungalow Unit or be contracted as a re-sell agent. A charge of 30% (Agency fee) is deducted from purchase/selling / current price should the company buy back or act as a re-sell agent.         

Question: Can I pay to your Agents/ Consultants?

Answer: No. All payments should be made in favor of Earth & Sands Transnational Ltd. We would not accept any Responsibility for any liability that may arise as a result from deviation from the above instruction.

Question: What is the size per unit?

Answer: 270 sqm- 300sqm

Question: If I paid outright payment for my plot(s) and am no longer interested, can I get a refund?

Answer:  Any withdrawal of interest on the bungalow unit(s) paid for will only be entertained within 3 months of withdrawal request and will attract a 20% severance and 20% administrative charges respectively.

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